30+1 Anniversary of the 1990 Golf Course Referendum

Now that BC has lifted restrictions on outdoor events, the OGCS is thrilled to invite you to the 30+1 Anniversary of the 1990 Golf Course Referendum. COVID-19 didn’t cancel the 30th anniversary celebration. It just delayed it a year. 

Fully vaccinated guests are welcome on Sunday, November 21 at 1 PM in Parking Lot #5 to reminisce with old friends, make new ones and celebrate West Vancouver citizens choosing protection of old growth over golf. We are fortunate to have both a reason to celebrate and a large, outdoor area with plenty of room for social distancing.

With any luck, there will be snow, so dress warmly. There will be treats and beverages. Please do not attend if you have any symptoms of COVID-19.

An optional RSVP to ogcs.wv@gmail.com would be appreciated so we know how many are coming.

Newsletter #18 Jan-Jun 2021

The OGCS Newsletter #18 for Jan-Jun 2021 has been published and is available online.

The feature story is on the many names for one of our favourite tree species, the Alaska yellow-cedar. While having several common names isn’t unusual, one would expect more consistency with the scientific name. Read the story to find out why this isn’t the case.

Other articles include Remembering Randy Stoltmann, monitoring and the summer guided tours. The tours were fully booked by June 8, the earliest date ever.

The newsletter is available for download here.

OGCS AGM – Wednesday Feb 24, 2021

The Old Growth Conservancy Society invites you to it’s AGM via Zoom.


Approval of Agenda
Adoption of Minutes of February 26, 2020 AGM
Directors’ and Treasurer’s Reports
Election of Directors
Presentations by Directors

The Zoom meeting will open 15 minutes early to allow time to admit people from the waiting room. When addressing the chair, remember to unmute yourself and state your name so membership can be verified. Voting in favour of motions will require no action. Voting opposed to a motion can be done by raising a hand or stating your name and “Opposed”. Please remember that only current members can vote.

To renew your membership, the $10 annual membership fee may be sent online from your financial institution website via Interac e-Transfer® to ogcs.wv@gmail.com. Please include your name(s) in the optional message field. Any amount over the membership fee will gratefully be accepted as a donation.

Alternatively, cheques may be mailed to:
   309 – 1550 Duchess Ave
   West Vancouver, BC V7V 1P5

Please email ogcs.wv@gmail.com if you have any questions about your membership status or to request a link to the Zoom meeting. Please do not post the Zoom link on social media.

OGCS 2020 AGM Draft Minutes

2020 Newsletter

The OGCS Newsletter has a new look for 2020. Many thanks to Paul Hundal for all his work on this.

In recognition of the 30th anniversary of the 1990 Golf Course Referendum, the newsletter includes coverage of a special publication from Paul Hundal on the story behind the referendum. Paul was a key player in the opposition to the golf course and chronicles the actions that led to the protection and creation of the Old Growth Conservancy.

The newsletter also covers adapting the summer guided tours so they could safely be held during the pandemic and remembers a favourite OGCS Director, Hugh Hamilton, who passed away in April.

The newsletter is available for download here.


Just in time for the 30th anniversary, the story behind the 1990 Golf Course Referendum is now available here.

This is the story of a community battle to save a hidden grove of giant old-growth cedar trees up to 9 feet wide and close to a 1000 years old. The municipality that owned the land had not disclosed the existence of these trees on land they owned and tried to have them cleared for a semi-private golf course. The story reveals how the community won that battle from the personal perspective of one of the leaders of that campaign. These giants are now protected in the Old Growth Conservancy of West Vancouver and after you read this book I hope you will visit them. The book is a gift to the public that voted, in the hard fought referendum, to save these amazing natural wonders.